Reiki, Reflexology & Other Natural Healing Services

“We are not here to learn but here to remember what we already know”

Yvonne Tabaracci, TorontoI have been performing reflexology since 1990. Throughout the years I have been treating others in this capacity and with much joy.

When my parents passed on within a short period of time from each other, in the late ‘90’s I realized I myself needed help to recover from this grief. This is where my reiki experience began. Not only did reiki help me recover but I also felt the presence of others around me. This was a huge turning point for me in the spiritual sense. I have since personally studied many ways to reach enlightenment and to find ways to help others.

Intuition is my strength which has enabled me to be an effective energy worker/distance healer. I have been practicing this over the years without truly realizing that it was a gift. It was brought to light by a psychic who confirmed what I was doing was something unique and special. I am able to know things mostly by feeling. I can feel energy, whether it be our energy or spiritual energy. I have experienced clairaudience, clairvoyance. I have assisted spiritual energies into the next realm.

My passion is to share what I know to be the truth to all those who wish to know and feel it and to help others discover the magic of these natural healing modalities with treatments and teaching.